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Just Got My Zune 80

by RMD 24. November 2007 15:50

I've been excited about the Zune 80 since I first started reading about it a few months ago. I finally found/played with one in Wallmart, and that was enough to convince me that I should drop the $250 to snag it.

The product packaging would make Apple proud. I recently bought my girlfriend an Ipod Nano Fatty, and I've "unboxed" an iPhone, and I gotta say that the "out of the box" experience of the Zune 80 is superior to both of them.

The Zune software is really, really slick. So far, I like it a LOT better than iTunes, although that's really not saying much. It's zippy, looks great, and is very intuitive.

The ear phones that come with the Zune 80 are actually pretty nice, but I'll be sticking to my Etymolics.

I'm not sure if this whole "Zune Card" thing will take off, but it seems pretty integrated with Xbox Live, which is cool.


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